I don’t believe we need to be fixed but rather, to find clarity.

Spiritual Guidance for modern life

Opening the door to spiritual guidance and energy work gives you the clarity, and confidence you need to move through your current blockages and make the change in your life that you were searching for.

Through working with me, you find yourself able to suspend your disbelief, breakdown the barrier of what you thought was possible, and experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.




Welcome to a vortex of possibilities…  

I’m a spiritual and leadership mentor for soul-driven women just like you, looking to build a life and business on their terms.

I use energy healing, feminine leadership techniques, and divine channeling to help you unlock your own spiritual clarity, energetic magic, and soul abundance!

My path was not always easy to navigate, in fact, it was very messy! 

Therefore it is my mission to guide you on your journey so you can find it much easier than I did. I am here to help you see your capabilities and show you all the possibilities.


Energetic Soul Reading 1X1

An Energetic Soul Reading takes a modern approach to healing, adapting and combining ancient techniques for a truly personalized experience. Sessions combine varying healing modalities based on individual needs. 


OYA Mastermind – A 4-month Program

Own your Authenticity Mastermind is perfect for those seeking their fullest potential, curious about energy work, and ready to step into their truth. This is a 4-month program to both learn new tools & heal your energetic body. 


Return to Wholeness Online Course

During this month-long online course, you will experience new levels of self-awareness, rediscover your inner power, and align with your truth.  Through this course you will clear your energetic body, bring clarity around who you truly are, and create space for your inner guidance/intuition.

Daniela is so much more than a Reiki practitioner.

When she works with you, it’s like she’s taking a look into your soul. Even halfway across the world, I could feel her energy in the room with me -compassionate, grounded and pure.

She revealed so much truth to me, that I felt like she immediately knew me and exactly what I needed at that moment. Truly a beautiful, eye-opening experience


A Shaktihood Ceremony is the best gift you can give yourself.

In this community there’s love, understanding, and non judgement… this is the only place I know where you can speak with your soul’s voice, be safe and feel the love from all those around you.
When you leave the workshop you know and feel the connection with all of the others in a way you can’t explain with words. It is like you’ve been allowed to see the whole of another person and they now know that you have seen and accepted them.


She has such a powerful yet kind presence.

She channeled while we talked, which felt incredibly personalized. My Energetic Soul Reading felt so full in even a short amount of time, and I left feeling much more confident and sure of myself. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Daniela and I would recommend any of her services to anyone!

Jessica Ann 

Daniela was such a breath of fresh air and so easy to talk to.

Her connection to my body and spiritual guides was impressive as she immediately was able to pick up on some long-term blocks in my chakra system. Her energy healing work was peaceful and calming. The messages she had from spirit for me were spot on and encouraging as I step forward into a new chapter of life. I took a lot of notes and will refer back to them in times where I need reaffirmation and healing. I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey and healing with my new learnings. Thank you, Daniela!


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