Like finally coming home to your soul’s truth.

Life is hectic, confusing, and, at times, disheartening. It’s easy to feel confused, and frustrated about who you are, what your purpose is, and what you can or should do to fix the problems that keep popping up in your life.

The problem is that most people don’t really “get it.” They can try to empathize and give advice but it’s frustrating that none of them understand you on a higher level. Even your therapist sometimes feels like they’re missing the mark.

You wish there was some help line for divine guidance that could give you the answers you seek. Working with me is that missing piece, that moment when *finally* someone understands you, sees you for who you really are on a soul level.

Finally, you have a safe space to be heard and understood, to just be yourself and to be accepted without judgement. 

My Story

I’m Daniela Arango, a spiritual and leadership mentor for soul-driven women looking to build a life and business on their terms. I use energy healing, feminine leadership techniques, and divine channeling to help women unlock their own spiritual clarity, energetic magic, and soul abundance!


I can still hear the words over the loudspeaker, “Buckle your seatbelts. We’re going in for a crash landing.”

The pilot had just told me I less than a minute to live. I looked out the plane window and out onto my life.

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“Why had I been drifting?

Playing it small? Afraid for so long?”

At that moment I made peace with my choices but vowed if I lived, I would spend my life discovering my innate potential and bringing the best out for others to do the same.

Seeing as you’re reading this, I’m happy to report I lived to experience a spiritual awakening and have become a woman of my word.

Since then, I have gone on to create a life and business completely on my terms, living in Sweden with the love of my life and building a 6 figure business helping others awaken their spiritual vision and badass self!

I offer online healing meditation courses, group activations, and I lead my signature 16-week program Own Your Authenticity Mastermind. 

I simply act as a mirror, reflecting clearly what you’ve known all along.

I am also the host of Mystic Podcast, a weekly offering where I share my experiences and help others bridge the gap between their everyday lives and spiritual selves.

I come from a grounded base, rather than a mighty or “ascended” facade. I like to meet people where they are on their journey, at their level, so that there’s no intimidation or feelings of less-than.

I take a modern approach to healing combining ancient techniques with my own personal experiences for a truly personalized experience inside all of my programs. Through working together, you find yourself able to suspend your disbelief, breakdown the barrier of what you thought was possible, and experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.

Kind Words

My Energetic Soul Reading with Daniela was so beautiful and healing.

I felt so nurtured and held by her energy & spirit. Immediately, she was drawn to my solar plexus, relaying exactly what I had been feeling emotionally. While in session I could feel the energy build up, warm and tingling through my crown, third eye, throat and solar plexus. The messages that came through regarding these areas, were so in alignment with my current growth period. The session left me feeling so relaxed and loved. Thank you, Thank you Daniela!


For a long time I wanted to join Daniela’s Shaktihood Ceremony. But I promised to do it when I would need it the most and when my heart would be more open to spirituality. To experience her energy together with others was a magnificent moment that filled my body and soul with peace, calmness, love and harmony. For me it felt like I was doing the Camino De Santiago again, but in a yoga room. I could feel how love and blessings washed over me and I could not stop smiling for 2 days afterwards. Shaktihood Ceremony helped me to come more in contact with my spirituality, open my mind and be more grateful to myself and others.


Daniela has a special aura and energy around her that affects you in a powerful and delightful way.


Private Mentorship

1:1 mentorship is a 3-month commitment for spiritual entrepreneurs – ready to fully embody their divine essence, unleash their soul's calling, lead in sovereignty and integrate their spiritual connection to their life and business.
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