Magic is your destiny!

You and I both know you are here for nothing less than PURE MAGIC.

And let’s be honest, strategy and intuition have taken you this far BUT from here on it takes a whole new level of YOU to carry on the legacy. 

you got the strategy and now it is all about the inner game.

You are ready to expand the limits of your own consciousness.

And while you experience the most powerful ASCENSIONS into your spiritual and feminine leadership, 

You know it is time to join forces.

You are ready to be guided, seen and called out on your blindspots.

You are fully committed to working through your self-sabotage patterns, be constantly activated into excellence and quickly get back into alignment. 


Reaching your next level of fulfilment, and success is not just about a new strategy, but a new level of self-awareness, leadership, and connection divine source.

This is ASCENSION, an adjustment of your frequency into higher levels of intelligence. 

Because strategy is hardly the issue (although there will be plenty of aligned masculine strategy) … but more so the INNER GAME.

Together we’ll expand your energetic capacity, find the perfect balance between your masculine and feminine leadership, and increase confidence to walk with your magic and exponential success. 


We’ll go deep into your inner game, your connection with spirituality and divine sources… at the same time as you solidify your legacy and catapult your life & business forward.

This is the right space for you if…


√ You’ve learned systems and strategies and now for you it’s all about your energetic mastery, inner game, and divine connection.


√ You are a coach, healer, witch, soulpreneur looking for a long term accountability sisterhood and real deep connections. 


√ You feel deeply activated in my presence and desire intimate access to my energy, teachings, and channeling abilities inside a group container.


And soo you know love…

Entering this powerful space is not a logical decision but a SOUL-LED and full-body YES to receive support in sisterhood, and inner growth. 




Abundance + Manifestation
Business Energetics
Personal + Ancestral Healing

Feminine Leadership + Masculine Strategy
Psychic + Channeling Development
Soul’s Authentic Expression

Emotional Intelligence + Body Alchemy



The support:

→ Monthly 60min Private Session with Daniela 

 → 3 x 60min Reiki Healing Session with Valentina (Reiki Master inside Team DA)

  → Bi-weekly Zoom Group Calls (Q&A + Mentoring) 

 → VOXER Unlimited support and accountability  

→  Access to LIVE signature programs running during the mastermind. 

 An intimate group of sisterhood support.


So beautiful…

 If you have any additional questions, catch me on my IG dm’s 😉

Pay in full


$11k USD



$2k USD X6 


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