Dare to Heal

A 5-Day Workshop

Are you a soul drive woman seeking freedom?

This is your sign…

to finally unlock expansive power, abundance, and a life on your terms!

I know what it feels like to lack the confidence and vision to become who you wanted to be. This is why I help women gain the internal security and external success I’ve found for myself.

This 5-day workshop will teach you the fast track version of how to unlock your truth and feel worthy of claiming the life that you desire!

You will walk away with spiritual clarity on what is blocking your expansion and how to begin to heal through energetic magic!

Would you like to claim your power and ask more from life?

What awaits you:

1.  Spiritual Guidance: Learn about how you can begin your healing journey.


2. Energetic Magic: Discover energy works and what intuitive abilities you may have!

3. Soul abundance: Unlock expansive power and freedom to design a life on your terms. 

Day 1:
Limiting & Subconscious Beliefs

How they may have been sabotaging your evolution

Day 2:
Soul’s Perspective

How to connect and recognize your Soul’s Perspective, reconnect with your unique essence 

Day 3:
Shadow Work 

 How to begin a conversation with your shadow and what happens when we do

Day 4:
Intuition & Divine Team

How to connect with your Intuition and Divine Team, misinterpretation on how intuition talks to you and how you can ask for divine guidance

Day 5:
Practical Techniques

Learn how to scan and heal your own body with practical techniques

Would you like to finally get clarity and direction?

Hi, I’m Daniela..   

Just a few years ago I too wanted more for myself but I lacked the confidence and the trust I needed to become who I wanted to be.

So I devoted five years of my life to healing myself and studying the art of helping others do the same. Today my days are spent guiding people to achieve the internal peace and external success I have gained for myself.

And I am about to share with you the fast track version of building a solid foundation for yourself and feeling worthy of claiming your power!

During 5 days I will be teaching you everything I have learned during my journey and working one on one with people.

Afterward, you will walk away with clarity on what is holding you back and how to begin to heal those parts of yourself!

Can’t wait to see you inside 😉

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