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I can’t wait for you to hear all the magic inside:

Imagine receiving spiritual clarity to unlock massive power, accessing your energetic magic, and learning to embody soul abundance to create a life and business on your terms!



What awaits you inside:


– 1 hour 1:1 Energetic Soul Reading

– 60min Bi-weekly LIVE group calls (Q&A +continued education + guidance + EXPERT GUEST SPEAKERS) Wednesdays @5PM CET

– Unlimited support, and accountability, inside our private Slack Group / direct message support not included.

– Monthly Energetic Cleanses + LIGHT LANGUAGE CODE ACTIVATIONS, via LIVE group calls.

– An exclusive cohort of like-minded individuals making a change in the world

– Access to a high vibrational group that holds massive space for you to continue to elevate your life!


– Six 1×1 Energetic Soul Readings (to be used how you like in 6 months)

– Access to ALL digital courses I release starting now until through the entire time you are in Elevate Membership (Including Return to Wholeness and Dare to Heal 5-day Workshop)

Elevate Mentorship

– One 1X1 Energetic Soul Reading

-Biweekly LIVE group guidance, energetic cleanses + Q&A section + Slack Support (no direct message included)


One time $1600 non-refundable deposit due to hold your Energetic Soul Reading

(must be signed up before scheduling  Energetic Soul Reading)

Your membership will continue at $222 monthly ***Choose to stay as long as you like!

Elevate Mentorship Elite

 – Access to Return to Wholeness Course and any other courses created during the 6 months of Mentorship! 

Six 1:1 ESR to be used how you like in 6 months


One time $1600 non-refundable deposit to hold your 6 Energetic Soul Reading + reserve your seat inside Elevate Mentorship

 5 more monthly payments of  $400



Just a bit more about me:

I help people achieve clarity, peace, and understanding through energy work and spiritual channeling. I meet people where they are on their journey and at their level so there is never any intimidation or feelings of “less-than.” My goal when working with you is to break down the barriers of what you think is possible and to help you examine the spiritual realm on a personal level.

Working with me will leave with that feeling that *finally* someone understands you, sees you for who you really are, like on a soul level. My mission is to provide you with a safe space to be heard and understood, to just be yourself and be accepted- no judgment.


You don’t have to do it all alone, it is about time you let others cherish and support your elevation! Surround yourself with powerful, intuitive, and soul-driven women who are also leveling up their lives and designing a life and business on their terms.

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