You are destined for Magic!

You know you are here to do BIG THINGS and right now it feels like the initiation of something new and exciting!!

You probably have been playing with your intuitive gifts and done one or two pieces of training before but you’re ready to more depth and to finally be the leader at your own medicine.


You’re ready to move past the bullshit old beliefs you picked up as your own along the way…

You’re ready to reclaim your story and make it your own. You’re ready to set yourself apart from anyone who came before you.


There is a brilliance inside of you, and it is time you give the reins to it.


Magic awaits us.

Inside this mastermind, you will be taken through a 6-month journey of upgrades and elevation on all levels:


You’ll heal, learn, evolve and together we’ll make the extraordinary happen.


This is probably a major point in your life and the surface-level stuff doesn’t cut it for you anymore. 

You are probably experiencing major awakenings in both your life and business.

AND you deeply desire to walk alongside women who speak your language and are carving the same path as you are.

This is not a logical calling but a soul full-body calling.


What’s covered inside

and not inclusive to ↓


Abundance + Manifestation
Soul business alignment
Personal + ancestral healing
Psychic and intuitive development
Soul Purpose and mission



What’s included:

→ Monthly 1×1 Private Session with Daniela 

 → 2x Group Calls per month (Q&A + Guidance + Training) *Wednesdays @5PM CET

 → Unlimited support and accountability, through group voice and text chat (Voxer)

→  Access to all LIVE + Digital programs, PLUS a high vibrational and intimate group of women who are also up-leveling their life and business

And so beautiful…

Are you ready to unlock your brilliance, develop your energetic magic, and claim your life and business on your terms?

If you have any additional questions, catch me on my IG dm’s 😉


$6,222 USD


6 installments of $1,111 USD!


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