21 days of liberation


This is her divine embodiment and devotion to her heart. 

The invitation: 

To the woman who has been waiting for this awakening her whole entire life… 

For the woman who knows there is so much MORE, she came here to BE & experience. 

This is the initiation you have been waiting for. 

The emerging of your most LIBERATED SELF. 

The rite of passage into the embodiemnt of your wholeness and truth.

The return back to the POWER ingrained in your human vessel.

This invitation is for the entirety of you.


When you find this vortex you’ve probably been through a series of awakenings, 

That reminded you of the powerful pieces stored in your soul…

And guide you to this moment when you feel ready to receive this invitation. 

Now you remember the important walk that’s taken you to be here reading these words…

And you REALIZE you have been longing for a deeper more intimate connection with yourself and the world for quite some time…

It is a calling for MORE

You have been craving for a kind of INTIMACY that sometimes scares you…
You know it is not a logical longing, but one felt through your entire being and soul.

Pleasure, love, intimacy, and union with self and ALL/GOD/SOURCE. 

And until this moment you didn’t know how to

attune and listen to your body to fully receive what is already available for you…


This vortex is for the woman: 


✔️  Who dares to shut off the logic of her mind and listen to the wisdom of her body. 

✔️  Who no longer fears her full awakening, but yearns to transcend her conditioning. 

✔️  Who is done shrinking, playing safe, and fitting into definable boxes.  

✔️  She is done numbing her feelings and holding back her power to please others. 

✔️  She is READY to unleash her magnetism and morph into all she knows she is capable of.


To keep you accountable to show up



Every day you’ll have a ritual, practice, or ceremony
that will support you, lift your vibration and keep you
open to receiving the pleasure, abundance, and love you desire. 

After learning to tools and teachings inside this program

you’LL KNOW how to continue TO LIBERATE POWERFUL PIECES OF WHO YOU ARE your entire life.

Your Liberation Begins in...









She is a force of nature.

Her body welcomes depth,
Her skin seeks intimacy, 
Her energy is magnetizing. 


She is magnetic and desired.

She can’t get enough of herself and the world around her.

She is open to feel, alchemize and receive MORE always.

You know this is YOUR next aligned step…

You feel it with your entire body…

The urge to use your POWER to say YES to the potential in YOU. 

The desire to alchemize your inner chaos and change the world with your divine transformation.

You are at a point in your life where there is no running, hiding, or avoiding any longer…

You KNOW there is a treasure inside of you worth liberating.

You are a diamond in the rough. 

And the world is yet to see your FULL POWER AND RECEPTIVITY.

Your YOU attuned to your body and awakened by your magic.

Committed and devoted to your divine masculine and feminine expression.

You are beyond ready to crack OPEN and RECEIVE. 

This is your next aligned action, and you just know it.

This is your time to embody all that YOU KNOW YOU CAN.

It is time the world witness YOU unfiltered, raw, & extraordinary LIBERATED.

Your Liberation Begins in...









This is a 21-day journey to the fully embodied expression of your divine and human self. 

Liberation is a combination of energy clearings, healings, and practices to connect you to your human body to access higher levels of consciousness. 

Inside this vortex, you’ll be guided to come back home to your body to not only heal but to decode its wisdom, and attune to its inner guidance system. 

Get ready to boost your receptivity field for more abundance, pleasure, love, and intimacy. 

Together we will move through alchemy ceremonies, rituals, and deep healing that will slowly but surely transform the way you walk, perceive, and move through LIFE.

You will be fully supported as you break through the illusions of your limited and chained self. 

How it works…

Every day there will be something new waiting for you inside the vortex…

Whether it is a pre-recorded video, LIVE, healing meditation, or a zoom call…

All these pieces have been put together perfectly to awaken all your senses and activate different pieces of your mind and body.


*You will have access to all the material for an additional month after the 21 days

*The program takes place inside an intimate FB group


$1,111 USD

(Payment plan also available)


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