21 days of liberation




Most of us were never taught how to handle or process our emotions.

From an early age, we were often told not to make a scene, not to cry, and/or to keep it together.

And we grow up never really understanding our emotions…

Most times seeing feelings as an inconvenience we’re not sure how to deal with… so we simply avoid them.

At least for as long as we can…

And before we know it, our emotions are running our lives.

As a result, we find ourselves in constant conflict trying to keep our inner chaos together.

While compensating and apologizing for “being too much” or “feeling too much”


Being an emotional beings is not easy or simple…
Yet it can be exponentially harder when don’t understand or have a road map to our emotional intelligence. 
And what I have seen is that we either try to get rid of our emotions by “feeling them” or by “ignoring them all together” 
…Although neither of those approaches really seem to properly help us understand ourselves but rather provide us with temporary fixes…
Leaving us still with no freaking clue on to how to process the next emotional wave, which will probably arrive in the next hour or so…

This is the journey I want to take you through…

Experiencing your emotions as the catalyst for your deepest inner transformation.

AND THIS LIBERAtion from our inner chaos…

Stars by first recognizing that there is nothing wrong with us for “feeling too much” (that is actually a sign that our bodies and emotions are working properly)…
We were just never given tools or the training to navigate our emotions while feeling safe in our bodies.


I don’t just want to teach you KEY concepts about emotional intelligence that were never taught to you… 

(Although this itself will potentially change your entire perspective of who you are and what you are capable of) 

…but most importantly I want to guide you through an experience of inner LIBERATION in your own body! 

Through a series of somatic practices, healing ceremonies, and creating your own road map of emotional intelligence.

Together in 21-days we will explore your inner world and deeply transform the way you relate to your body and your emotions. 

You’ll be guided to

come back home to your body

to heal, decode its wisdom,

and attune to your inner guidance system. 



→ Release shame and guilt for authentically expressing yourself and being who you are…
Take responsibility for your well-being and feel safe to process/alchemize your emotions without judging yourself or hurting others.
Release the constant feeling of doing more or not doing enough, and finally silence the voice of “urgency and go-go to push through”
→ Experience deep inner healing while learning easy somatic practices (that fit YOU & your lifestyle) to make you feel stable, liberated, and more connected to body than you’ve ever felt before.









So love, 

There is not doubt you can do extraordinary things

in this world, but my question to you is…

how do you desire to feel on the journey to building your dreams?

If you desire to feel…

√ Regulated in your emotions

√ Connected to your body

√ Activated in your feminine receptivity

√ Turn onnnn and embodied in pleasure

√ Open to more love and abundance

√ Capable of tolerating stressful situations without getting stuck in them

√ And forever able to feel the full range of your emotions in a safe and transformative way… 

If this speaks to you, it is with great honour that I  welcome you to 21-Days of Liberation! 


How it works…


1. You sign up, and you will receive an email with dates and link to join our intimate FB group.

2. You add all the LIVE calls to your calendar 😉

3. Every day for 21 days there will be something new waiting for you inside the program… (either a pre-recorded video, healing meditation, somatic practice, or a zoom call)

FYI-  All these pieces have been put together perfectly to awaken all your senses, as well as heal and activate different pieces of your mind and body.


***You will have access to all the material for an additional 3 WEEKS after the 21 days


When we decide to go for our wildest desire and become everything we know we are meant to be…

We hit emotional blocks and resistance that will often show up as overwhelm, anxiety and stress… 

And if we don’t have the proper emotional intelligence to regulate our bodies and feel safe… 

We will energetically block our evolution to “protect ourselves” 

or worse if we decide to “push through” we will most likely end up burning out and experience lots of unnecessary pain.

The sad piece is that we often blame ourselves for not being able to “handle it” …

When the truth is that… 

to hold massive external growth in a healthy and enjoyable way, there is massive internal growth and emotional intelligence to back it up. 

AND Inside 21-days of Liberation

I’m going to show you,

your emotions are your superpower.











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