• Date:
  • Time
    1:30PM - 4PM
  • Investment
    300 SEK
  • Location

This ceremony is basically an Energetic Soul Reading but experienced as a collective! Shaktihood Ceremony combines a variety of wellness practices weaving mind, body, and spirit. As human beings we crave deep connection to ourselves, to the divine and to others. We yearn for a sense of belonging and union with every living thing.

The Ceremony will take you on a journey to experience the power of human connection and collective healing. The experience varies depending on each individual, and can include moving, shaking, dancing, talking, laughing, and crying.

There are no pre-requirements to join Shaktihood Ceremony, just bring your most honest self, stay open, and allow the journey take you through an experience you didn’t know your soul was missing. You will surrender to the music and your spiritual connection, allowing both to enter your mind and touch your heart so that you will never forget the time spent in Ceremony. If there is even the slightest amount of curiosity within you, come join us. And if you are a little nervous about it, come join us!

*Elements from the following practices will be part of the Ceremony: Yoga, Reiki Healing, Meditation, Intuitive Movement, Journaling, Breathing exercises, and Sacred Ceremony. Both men and women are equally welcomed to participate.

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