Soul Abundance

5 – week course 

A journey into Quantum Leaping, time collapsing, and 5th-dimensional living.





It is not about what you do

but who you are being 

that allows you to become a match to all you were meant to be & have. 

Before I went through this program myself…

I thought I had it all together…

My life was good, and I was happy with the way things were.

But I was also doing A LOT and feeling disconnected from my connection to source due to spending endless hours in a computer, overworking, stressing, forcing outcomes, and trying too hard.

I was somehow always trying to figure it out, doing more than necessary and I was exhausted trying to ignore all the fear, doubt, and inability to surrender lingering inside of my body.

I tried to lean back, relax, and trust but at the next moment, I was back at the computer working, thinking, and getting more things done. 

I was doing everything I thought I needed to do in order to succeed but I felt like something was missing. 

So I asked the universe: What am I missing? Please show me a different way. 

And that is when Soul Abundance was born.

I woke up one day after a dream where I met my future self and I realized all the potentiality I had been sitting on.

I finally figure out that I was manifesting from an imbalance place and therefore I was creating more imbalance!!

I started downloading all the information I had been praying for and embodying the principles that go beyond time and space.

I was going at it all wrong.

I was doing before I was being.

I was not operating from power, I was operating from fear.

The energy world aka the Quantum Field holds unlimited possibilities available to YOU and once you get it, you understand that you had been making everything way harder than it actually is. 

Imagine this for a moment:

 Life is good but it is not extraordinary.

Your work is okay but it is not 100% designed and created on your terms.

You have enough but are afraid to ask for more.

You are doing okay but deep down you know, you wish you could have more ….

Ease, abundance, luxury, friends, relaxation, flow support, joy….




Every day you wake up in full gratitude.

You dance for no reason because you can’t believe life gets to be this good.

Abundance is flowing, life supports you.

You feel alive, loved, and in flow.

You know you are worthy and your days are filled with unexpected magic.

You can’t help but smile because you know all your dreams are materializing!!!


This is more possible, closer, and easier to attain than you may have let yourself believe.

And I know this is possible for you because I live this realities every day!!

Soul Abundance is a reality check and a lifestyle change.


A journey to balance the doing and the being together with aligning with the universal principles of manifestation and quantum leaping. 


Inside you will take back your belief in yourself and life itself.  

 You will break the barriers of what you thought was possible for you in this lifetime. 


Through practical methods, you will embody and craft the life of your dreams. 


You will move past your old conditioning and limiting beliefs.  


Discover the great pleasure found in reclaiming your seat as a co-creator of your own reality. 


Let go of the lack, scarcity, and victim mentality  to integrate new frequencies of exponential abundance and infinite possibilities. 


You will fall in love with your LIFE. 


Free yourself from the shoulds and the must and the what-ifs…


Move beyond the fear of disappointment. 


And finally, be able to dream wild and allow growth in all areas of your life. 




Inside you will:


→ Learn how to attract your desires with ease and pleasure.


→ Balance your masculine and feminine energies to create a life on your terms.


→ Understand the quantum field of possibilities and how to collapse time and space.


→ Discover the unique human technology you were always meant to BE doing life.


→ Completely transform the way you go about your life, and embody a new lifestyle that aligns with your most evolved self.


→ Learn about energy dynamics and how to shift them to take back your power in every situation.


→ Decondition from old ways of being, and move beyond limiting beliefs and habits that no longer resonate with who you are becoming.










Module 1:
The Quantum Field

What the heck is all this energy, dimensions, and Quantum Field all about?!

Module 2:

Where am I stuck in time and space and why?…

Module 3:
Time Jumping & Future Codes

Collapsing time and moving past physical reality.

Module 4:
The Art of Being

DO. BE and RECEIVE. Locking feminine energies.

Module 5:
Beyond Ordinary

Playing in the field of possibilities and desire.


Secret meditations to recalibrate your energy, light code activations, and two pre-recorded masterclasses you can start on right when you register!!


Week 1 –

Welcome Call: Monday Sept 28th @7pm CET

Live Training: Tuesday Sept 29th @6pm CET

Q&A: Thursday Oct 1st @6pm CET


Week 2

Live Training: Tuesday Oct 6th @6pm CET

Q&A: Thursday Oct 8th @6pm CET


Week 3

Live Training: Tuesday Oct 13th @6pm CET

Q&A: Thursday Oct 15th @6pm CET


Week 4

Live Training: Tuesday Oct 20th @6pm CET

Q&A: Thursday Oct 22th @6pm CET


Week 5 – 

Live Training: Tuesday Oct 27th @6pm CET

Q&A & CELEBRATION CALL: Thursday Oct 29th @6pm CET

I have been on the other side:



→ Where the unlimited abundance and extraordinary dreams seemed to be just at arm’s length but never “here”


→ I could see it everywhere around me, everyone else seemed to have it but I somehow failed to let in my life. 


→ It was exhausted trying to figure it out and in the end, letting self-sabotage and doubt take the best of me.




…  this is why I created this program because there is ANOTHER WAY!!!





This 5- week program will shake you, lift you, and leave you integrated with a completely evolved way of being, thinking, moving, and responding to life. 



So that you can start to BE and RECEIVE (abundance) by being your most authentic self.



When does it begin?

The official start with a Welcome LIVE Call on September 28th at @7pm CET. 

How much of a time commitment does it require?

We meet LIVE (60-90min) twice a week for the lecture (Tuesdays) and Q&A (Thursdays). Expect two 60-90min LIVE group sessions each week, plus additional time for daily embodied exercises and integration. 

Is Soul Abundance entirely online?

YES! All sessions will be hosted via Zoom.

What if I can't make it to the LIVE calls?

All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the platform for you to access them at your best convenience!

Do you offer refunds if I decide it is not for me?

Nope. Believe me, you won’t want to leave this vortex once you have entered it 😉 

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! You can pay in 4 different monthly installments.

Will I have personal access to Daniela?

Daniela will be teaching LIVE during all the group calls on Tuesdays, answer specific questions, and interact inside the Slack Community proving encouragement on your journey! The Q&A’s sessions on Thursdays will be lead by your Co-mentor Towe and Daniela will be there to assist and support you!

Is Soul Abundance for women only?

No, this program is open to anyone ready to transcend their limitations! 😉  

Do I need Slack and Zoom to be able to join Live?

YES! Soul Abundance is meant to be highly interactive, therefore a Slack account is necessary to participate in group discussion and Zoom account to join the LIVE calls.









Just a bit more about me:

I’m Daniela Arango, a spiritual and leadership mentor for soul-driven women looking to build a life and business on their terms. I use energy healing, feminine leadership techniques, and divine channeling to help women unlock their own spiritual clarity, energetic magic, and soul abundance!

I come from a grounded base, rather than a mighty or “ascended” facade. I like to meet you where you are on your journey, at your level, so that there’s no intimidation or feelings of less-than. Through working together, you find yourself able to suspend your disbelief, breakdown the barrier of what you thought was possible, and experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.

Working with me will leave you with that feeling that *finally* someone understands you, sees you for who you really are, like on a soul level. 

Meet your co-mentor: 

Towe Syring

Towe is a modern mystic, intuitive energy worker and gardener living in the south of Sweden. She’s a former student of Daniela’s, and has since then started working with the mystical. Towe is a firm believer that we are the creators of our own reality and has been consciously manifesting her dreams for many years. Self development, inner work and ways of changing perspective of the self are things that fascinates her. Her grounding presence, yet her ability to reach high frequencies will be of support to you throughout this journey as you make your leap.

What you are getting:

⇒ 5-week online program

⇒ 11 practices and rituals to anchor new frequencies and manifestations every day

⇒ 5 modules delivered during live 60-90min calls every week

⇒ 5 Q&A live group calls with to dive deeper into the content and practices

⇒ A slack private chat full of loving, supporting, and encouraging women.

⇒ Lifetime access to all the content and recordings.


⇒ Secret frequency recalibration meditations with light code activations and two 90min masterclasses on abundance and quantum leaping.



$999 USD

(Payment plans also available ;))

Are you ready to unlock your full power 
and reclaim everything that you were meant to be?


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