Experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.

Opening the door to spiritual guidance and energy work gives you the clarity, confidence, and reassurance you need to work through your current situation and make the change in your life that you were searching for.

Working with me, you find yourself able to suspend your disbelief, breakdown the barrier of what you thought was possible, and experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.

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Magic Activator Membership 

An exclusive community led by Daniela Arango. The membership features live calls, energy readings & healing, mantras, affirmations & a Facebook group dedicated to providing you support & community.


The Magic Activator Membership is for you if…

✔️ you are full of curiosity when it comes to the cosmos & collective energies

✔️ you are looking for a community with guidance that will take you from feeling stuck to being free in your own mind, body & spirit

✔️ you have tried life coaches or other memberships & feel like they were missing something… You need MORE magic & spirituality in your life

✔️ You sometimes feel lonely on your spiritual evolution and deeply desire connection with other explorers, seekers, healers and paradigm shifters discovering the potentiality of the universe

✔️ you are craving a real life community that meets each month on live calls & supports each other’s emotional & spiritual well-beings

Investment: $22 Monthly / $222 Yearly

Shall we work together?

Own your Authenticity Mastermind 

Own your Authenticity Mastermind is my signature 4-month program including 1×1 and group support, designed to help you claim expansive freedom and build a life and business on your terms! 

THIS IS FOR YOU IF… you are an intuitive at heart, ready to boost your confidence and step into your authentic truth! 

If you are living an okay life but you know you are meant for SOME MUCH MORE! 

IMAGINE: Walking up to an exciting life that rewards you for being your most authentic self! :

As you joined the program we will go through: 

1. Spiritual Clarity: Remember who you are, and the value you bring to the world 

2. Energetic Magic: Reconnect with your intuitive powers and unique gifts

3. Soul Abundance: Design a life and business on your terms



Shall we work together?

Soul Abundance Course


A five-week journey into Quantum leaping, Time collapsing, and 5th Dimensional living.  Soul Abundance is a reality check and a lifestyle change.  A journey to balance the doing and the being, aligning with the universal principles of manifestation and quantum leaping.

Inside you will take back your belief in yourself and life itself.  

 You will break the barriers of what you thought was possible for you in this lifetime. 

Through practical methods, you will embody and craft the life of your dreams.  

You will move past your old conditioning and limiting beliefs.  

Discover the great pleasure found in reclaiming your seat as a co-creator of your own reality. 

It is not about what you do

but who you are being 

that allows you to become a match to all you were meant to be & have. 




Energetic Soul Reading Intensive 1×1 (ESR)

cenerAn Energetic Soul Reading Intensive takes a modern approach to healing, adapting and combining ancient techniques for a truly personalized cosmic experience. Sessions combine varying healing modalities based on individual needs. It usually starts with a conversation on anything that you are currently experiencing physically, emotionally, and/or energetically. You will be connected to your soul while Daniela runs a full body scan for areas that need your attention so unlock stagnation and wounds.

You will receive a deep clearing from energy blockages, alignment with your highest truth and understanding on were you are being held back from access your inner power.  Afterwards we will discuss your next steps to deepen your connection to self, allowing for your energy to always be your most powerful asset. Daniela will channel divine messages and answer any questions to help you find clarity to and make decisions in your life with absolute confidence 

You will walk away with a clear understanding of your soul’s purpose and the tools to make powerful changes in your life and business! Each session looks very different from person to person. Your session may include anything from sound healing, trance channeling, energy work, deep meditation, to a long conversation.

What we cover together goes way beyond our time together, the healing and breakthroughs will continue to come and impact your life afterwards! These sessions will be performed through a Zoom video conference call. You’re able to record our session and refer back to it as many time as you’d like

Length: 75 minutes
Investment: 6,666sek / ~777usd



***Cancellation Policy/Payments: You are welcome to reschedule your appointment at no charge, as long as at least 24 hours notice is given. No refunds or credits will be issued if after this time

Daniela is so much more than a Reiki practitioner.

When she works with you, it’s like she’s taking a look into your soul. Even halfway across the world, I could feel her energy in the room with me -compassionate, grounded and pure.

She revealed so much truth to me, that I felt like she immediately knew me and exactly what I needed at that moment. Truly a beautiful, eye-opening experience


She has such a powerful yet kind presence.

She channeled while we talked, which felt incredibly personalized. My Energetic Soul Reading felt so full in even a short amount of time, and I left feeling much more confident and sure of myself. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Daniela and I would recommend any of her services to anyone!

Jessica Ann 

A Shaktihood Ceremony is the best gift you can give yourself.

In this community there’s love, understanding, and non judgement… this is the only place I know where you can speak with your soul’s voice, be safe and feel the love from all those around you.
When you leave the workshop you know and feel the connection with all of the others in a way you can’t explain with words. It is like you’ve been allowed to see the whole of another person and they now know that you have seen and accepted them.


Daniela was such a breath of fresh air and so easy to talk to.

Her connection to my body and spiritual guides was impressive as she immediately was able to pick up on some long-term blocks in my chakra system. Her energy healing work was peaceful and calming. The messages she had from spirit for me were spot on and encouraging as I step forward into a new chapter of life. I took a lot of notes and will refer back to them in times where I need reaffirmation and healing. I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey and healing with my new learnings. Thank you, Daniela!


Enter the magic vortex! 






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