Energetic Magic:

Become The Magician


Ready to dominate the energetic world?

Inside The Magician Certification: 

We are covering…

✔️Taking the role as The Magician of the unseen arts, attunements to multidimensional symbols and higher conciousness.

✔️Becoming the to-go leader and expert of the energetic world and set yourself apart from others in your industry.

✔️Providing tangible soul transformation for yourself and others beyond mindset and strategy.

✔️ The magician’s tricks including Auric Work, Chakra Cleansing, Eye Spells, Energy Healing, Exorcize Intrusions/ Unwanted Energies…

✔️ How to best work with spirit & higher entities, perform psychic surgeries,  soul retrievals, and remove energetic stagnations aka wounds/blockages

✔️ Elevating your work to soul level,  surrendering to your higher calling, AND unlocking your unique Magician’s tricks and spells.

✔️ Bringing higher frequency resolutions and understanding different forms of energy healing for different individual needs. 

✔️ Reviewing and aligning the energy and mission behind all your offers, services, and your entire business.

✔️ And sooo much more!!

Can you feel it?

You know this is meant for you when just feel the energy of this page and it makes you want to jump out of your sit!!

You are a healer, a mentor, an intuitive, a lightworker and you are here to sharpen and deepen your skills to dominate the energetic world. 

You and your clients are ready for next-level magic!!

The essence of the magician lives inside of you…
In the co-creator, tapped in and turn on part of you…
the fully embodied alchemist you are here to be. 
And you know it is time for MORE 
For you to fully step into what you are capable of…
Because you are here to work beyond the physical world!!!

AND move past doubting the results of your magic and getting caught up in the ego trap. 

The Magic Begins in...








LIVE Lectures + Attunements

Three module lectures and energy attunements to high source frequencies!!

The Magician Workbook

A complete Magician training manual, full of tricks and energetic practices to keep forever!!

Guidance & Q&A Zoom Calls

Three Zoom Q&A Calls for guidance and mentorship to deepen your understanding of the material.

Diploma Certification

You will receive a diploma certification upon completion of material and training requirements as The Magician!!

Facebook Community

Ongoing community interaction & support through the exclusive Facebook group. Most of the training takes place inside this group!!

Ongoing Access to ALL Material

Even after the training ends you will continue to have access to all the material via Podia. (Online platform)

Your Spiritual Mentor

Hello – I’m Daniela!

I’m Daniela Arango, a spiritual and leadership mentor for soul-driven women looking to build a life and business on their terms. I use energy healing, feminine leadership techniques, and divine channeling to help women unlock their own spiritual clarity, energetic magic, and soul abundance!

I come from a grounded base, rather than a mighty or “ascended” facade. I like to meet you where you are on your journey, at your level, so that there’s no intimidation or feelings of less-than. Through working together, you find yourself able to suspend your disbelief, breakdown the barrier of what you thought was possible, and experience the spiritual realm on a personal level.

Let’s make magic together!


The Magic Begins in...








Your magic is about to take over

There is a mystical force that lives inside of you body… 
and it is about to come forth and create unbelievable magic and
show the world what you are capable of.

The magician, the healer, the alchemist inside of you is ready to take over…

This certification will not only attune you to high frequencies to access powerful healing sources but also…
give you the tools you need to navigate the energetic world with full confidence and knowledge. 

Become a VIP

 As a VIP you receive : 
-In addition to your place inside the program 😉 

– 30 Days of Voxer Support This is our 1:1 cosmic home together where you can ask and have me for whatever you want and need. I’ll be happy to tune into your field and help you integrate your magic!

– I have limited VIP spots, so if you want one take it right away!!

The Schedule

Welcome Call
April 5th @ 5pm CET
April 6th @ 5pm CET
April 13th @ 5pm CET
April 20th @5pm CET
April 8th @ 5pm CET
April 15th @ 5pm CET
April 22nd @ 5pm CET
April 12th @ 7pm CET
April 19th @ 7pm CET
April 26th @ 7pm CET
Graduation Call
April 29th @ 5pm CET
*All calls and content is recorded and available for download and access through Podia. 

May the magic begin!!

1. You sign up (Either VIP or reg)

2. You get a welcome email with additional details and you will be accepted into our FB group two days before we being. 

3. We begin on April 5th with a welcome call through Zoom. The link will be provided to you a few days prior!


4.In the next 30 days, YOU amplify your MAGIC! The program is run inside a private FB group and all content will be available to access inside of Podia after the group closes.

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