Become The Magician


Refine and claim your full identity as a multidimensional mentor, and one who works with high energy sources.


Learn advanced energetic tools and learn new ways to take your clients through deeper inner healing and transformation.


Design and create your offers and services in a way that lights up your soul and makes you proud of the work you’re here to share.



WE MOVE THROUGHTHE  elevation of you as a leader and of your work as a sacred healing source.

⇒ We reconnect you with your most powerful Magician identity and the way you present and share your work

⇒ We refine your energetic skills and solidify your unique magic

⇒ We’ll upgrade the frequency of your offerings to provide deeper and long-lasting transformations

⇒ We elevate your leadership skills to hold sacred and safe space for your clients while they move through deep transformations

⇒ We’ll connect you to high sources to receive divine messages and energetic upgrades.


→ You love to work with energy and probably are very good at sensing and reading others but desire to integrate it into your life and business in a way that is in perfect alignment with your soul’s mission…

→ You already receive intuitive messages, divine downloads but often question the best ways to share them with your clients and people around you.

→ You have used some energy healing tools with your clients and they have worked wonderfully but you are ready to add advanced practices and feel confident about the kind of work you are taking your clients through…

→ You seek a deeper spiritual and energetic connection with your clients and the people around you.

→ You desire to connect deeper and more clearly with the divine team that is meant to support you and your work.

→ There is a new layer of your magic work eager to come forth and break the barriers of what you thought was possible…

In The Magician Certification: 

You will be attuned to higher frequencies for spiritual growth, access divine healing sources, and amplify your abilities… 

✔️Become highly knowledgeable on the energetic world and safely practice advanced energetic techniques setting your work apart from others. 

✔️Learn when to deliver intuitive messages and how to mentor your clients through their integration of spiritual transformation.

✔️Provide tangible soul transformations for your clients beyond mindset and strategy.

✔️ Learn The Magician’s tricks including Auric Work, Chakra Cleansing, Eye Spells, Energy Healing, Exorcize Intrusions/ Unwanted Energies, Psychic Surgeries and remove energetic wounds/blockages from others.

✔️ Connect with spirit & higher entities.  

✔️ Unlock your Magician identity by discovering the unique ways you are meant to share your multidimensional work 

✔️ Surrender to divine guidance, bring higher frequency resolutions to your clients, and learn different forms of energy healing for different individual needs. 

✔️ Review and align the energy behind all your offers, services, and your entire business.

Your Spiritual Mentor

Hello – I’m Daniela!

A spiritual mentor for 6+ figure multidimensional entrepreneurs seeking soul alignment and development of their intuitive gifts.

As a Reiki Master and have worked with many different healers and shamans through the years… I have created The Magician’s certification as my own take on all of the practices and different types of energies I have worked in the past…

I’ve realized I found many traditions very restrictive and the natural innovator in me couldn’t quite follow the rules and rituals to create my own way…

My hope is that you come to this certification with an open heart and you indulge in the overflow of advanced energetic practices and walk away with the invaluable knowledge, confidence, and the freedom to add your own twist to what you have been taught and move on to create your own spells and magic.

So… I have no doubt we’re going to have the best time!!! 

Lectures + Attunements

Three module lectures and pre-recorded energy attunements to high source frequencies!!

The Magician Workbook

A complete Magician training manual, full of tricks and energetic practices to keep forever!!

Access to ALL Material

Even after the training ends you will continue to have access to all the material for an additional month inside our online platform.

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